typical sys

0.85kVA typical System


Components: 2 Solar panes 300watts, 1 battery

Load: Lights, Phones, radio

typical sys

1.5kVA typical system


Components: 6 Solar panels 160watts, 1 battery

Load: TV and entertainment , Lights, Cellphones

typical sys

3kVA typical setup


Components: 4 solar panels 1200watts array. 2 X 12v 200ah batteries

Load: Fridge (upright), TV and Entertainment  , Lights, Cellphones, wifi and laptops.

typical sys

5kVA typical setup


Components: 8 Solar panel 300watts , 1 battery 48v 100ah

Load: Fridge upright, TV and Entertainment , Lights, Cellphones, Wifi, Laptops, Water pump (during daytime).


10kVA typical system


Components: 28 Solar panels 300watt, 4 X 48v 100ah batteries

Load: Fridge upright, TV and Entertainment , Lights, Cellphones, Wifi, Laptops, Fans, Water pump (during daytime), Deep freezer, Washing machine, Ironing ( during daytime)


20kVA typical system


Components:  56 Solar panels, 10 X 48v 100ah batteries

Load: TV and entertainment , Fridge (upright), Washing machine, Deep Freezer, Water pump, Laptops, Phones, Lights, CCTV, Wifi, Submersible pump.

An illustration of what can be powered by the respective systems is seen in the images depicted. A careful management of these systems will be required to ensure that power usage does not exceed design. Handling the system well, the battery life is increased and the device 's capacity to charge the batteries becomes as effective as possible. 

** Products in diagrams not an actual representation of components set-up. They serve as a mere illustration of the capacity and  power of the respective systems.
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